Task & Purpose: 5 Reasons Why Veterans Make Exceptional Campaign Staffers

Our founder, Emily Cherniack (Twitter: @echerniack) wrote an article for Task & Purpose, check it out:


1) Veterans understand that at the end of the day, it’s about working toward something bigger than themselves.

Upon leaving their service, veterans face the inevitable next step of finding a fulfilling career. While veterans are well trained to take on a variety of jobs, there is one role that few consider, but more should: campaign staffer.

While our political system today is undoubtedly broken, and most people think staffers are like characters from “House of Cards,” working on a political campaign can be an exceptionally meaningful and impactful way to continue serving your community and country. Moreover, we need more service veterans working in politics to begin to fix the biggest problems facing our nation. Here is a list of the top five reasons why service veterans make the best political staffers.

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