The Boston Globe: Meet 9 Nonprofit Leaders Obsessed with Making Boston Better

The Boston Globe: Using their smarts and various backgrounds, they’re making a difference in education, food, fitness, and social justice. Read founder Emily Cherniack's profile below:


New Politics Leadership Academy

Cherniack, 37, worked at City Year and then on Alan Khazei’s runs for US senator from Massachusetts. She learned that among civic service-oriented people who’d been in the military or in programs like AmeriCorps, politics could be a turnoff. So she set up a political action committee, New Politics, to back such people in running for office. Her pilot case was recruiting Salem native Seth Moulton, an ex-Marine, to run for Congress in 2014. “He thought I was crazy and kept saying no,” she says. Obviously, she wasn’t crazy — Moulton won. Cherniack also backed four other candidates, two of them successfully, and this year launched the nonprofit New Politics Leadership Academy to help other service-minded people learn how to seek political office.

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